....We are a friendly, affordable & trusted cake maker based in the Wolverhampton area, providing high quality, delicious & inspirational cakes for any occasion.
We aim to meet all requests & cater for any special requirements (e.g allergies, eggless cakes, healthier ingredients etc).

As a partnership & family run business we have an undeniable passion for making & decorating cakes, as well as baking in general, we take great pride in our creations. This lead to setting up our very own business & pursuing our dreams.

Chris - “I grew up in a craft environment as my mother had a huge passion for baking, sugar craft, cooking & anything ‘craft’ related! so from a young age I was always helping my mother & soon developed my own passion for cake making & decorating - as well as photography. I have gained some amazing & useful skills over the last 20 years which I like to think is reflected in the cakes we make. I have also been able to share these skills with my partner Shane to develop the perfect partnership, I love bringing peoples cake dreams to life - Cakes On Point is definitely my calling.”

Shane -”From a young age I’ve always loved arts & design, I feel it gives me the opportunity to use my imagination & express my ideas, adding this passion with the great experience I’ve gained over the years for baking & decorating - Cakes On Point seems like a natural progression for me. I absolutely love what we do & can’t imagine doing anything else! I really thrive on making the customers happy with our creations. As well as the joy of bringing peoples ideas to life - we get to meet so many great people & develop great friendships along the way!”

Please feel free to send any queries that you may have via the Contact Us page. 

We are always more than happy to assist with any questions or queries you may have.

Chris & Shane - Cakes On Point

We are proud to have been awarded a five star Food Hygiene rating by Wolverhampton City Council.

Please also see our T&C'sfor further details.

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Cakes On Point Five Star FSA Rating - Very Good