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Delivery & Deposit:

We offer free delivery in and around the Wolverhampton area, and operate on basis of a £10 minimum deposit.  Feel free to enquire detailing your area or address, and we can confirm if you are eligible for free delivery.

​​​​​​​Facebook:   www.facebook.com/cakesonpoint  or click on the direct link below to Facebook messenger:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/cakesonpoint

Twitter: http://twitter.com/cakes_on_point

Telephone: 07759035434 (We are now on WhatsApp, feel free to drop us message!)

Email:  info@cakesonpoint.co.uk

Or Alternatively fill in the below form:

Please contact us with any queries that you may have, also feel free to send any pictures or designs if you have something in mind.  Our aim is to bring your desired creation to life.

Do you require a quote?

​If you do require a quote please provide the following details, and we will respond as soon as possible:

  • Size required (how many people is the cake for)
  • Type of sponge (chocolate, vanilla etc)
  • Type of filling (chocolate, vanilla, jam etc)
  • Any special requirements (allergies, eggless etc)
  • Date/time the cake is required

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