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This includes any and all baked goods we provide and/or create.  Although our photographs are an extremely close representation of our products, each product is a handmade 'unique' creation - therefore any detail, size and/or colour may vary on each creation.  All cakes ordered will NOT BE an identical replication of any photograph(s)/picture(s) that are used/provided/given. 

All of our baked products are fresh to order, and  ingredients used are sourced from trusted main stream suppliers.  We do operate a 3 days minimum notice for most orders - however we may accept 'last minute' orders within 3 days if we can accommodate 'that' order(s).

Please note that we would expect at least 1 to 3 months notice for Wedding Cakes* and Bulk Orders** - however we may accept 'last minute' orders within 1 or 2 weeks if we can accommodate 'that' order(s).

Allergies & Special Requirements

Any allergies MUST BE stated when placing an order(s).  Although we do activly ask if there are any 'allergies or special requirements', we take no responsibility if the customer fails to inform us of any allergies or special requirements once the order is confirmed and agreed.  Although where requested we can use replacement products such as Gluten free flour etc to make our cakes, we are unable to guarantee that are cakes are suitable for allergy sufferers due to the fact cakes are prepared, iced and decorated in the same kitchen.

Any special requirements such as egg-less products for example, must be stated by the customer before the order is agreed.  We take no responsibility if you fail to disclose this special requirement after the ingredients are purchased, or if the product has been created.  We do offer egg-less substitutes and may need to acquire these from a third party supplier.

We may also offer promotional cakes containing very small amounts of alcohol for flavouring purposes.  These will be clearly stated when advertised.  These must be purchased and distributed responsibly by the customer(s).  Clear instructions must be provided by the customer(s) if no traces of alcohol are required within these products, otherwise these items will be created as per the advertisement. ​


Deliveries and collections are free within and around the Wolverhampton area, and will be assessed and agreed on a case by case basis depending on the exact location.

Deliveries and collections are subject to availability and agreed between Cakes On point and the customer.  If you require delivery/collection for a specific day/time please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you although this cannot be guaranteed depending on schedule.

If there is nobody in to receive the delivery at the scheduled time - the cakes will then be returned to Cakes On Point where it will be available for collection or re-delivery.  Please note that this may incur a further cost regardless if the delivery address is within or around the Wolverhampton area.

If you require a cake for delivery out of the Wolverhampton area, please do not hesitate to get in touch for a quote.

Wedding Bookings

We must have an agreed delivery address, time and contact details at least 1 month prior to the delivery - If this is out of the Wolverhampton area, then a delivery costs will be applicable (provided within the quote).  

If the customer is only able to collect from Cakes On Point - Then a collection time must be agreed (please note that if collecting we may handover the product outside of our property for insurance purposes).

Any initial quote for Wedding Cakes* are subject to change, as there may be additional requirements and adjustments made towards the final design.  This will also include any additional costs to cover any specialist items/designs.  Cakes On Point will always agree a 'final' charge with the customer before producing the finished product.

Once the cake has been delivered and set up, we can accept no responsibility for any damage that may occur by venue staff members.

We accept no responsibility for any additions to the cake not supplied by the company for example cake toppers, brooches etc. Whilst we handle these with the up-most care, we cannot guarantee the robustness of quality after the original set up.

We accept no responsibility for miscommunication between members of the venue staff.  If you would like to save part of the cake etc, please ensure you have made a member of staff at your venue fully aware of this.

The balance of the cake + delivery to be paid strictly 1 month prior to the wedding.

We check with every venue if there is a cake stand suitable for your cake, however we accept no responsibility for this being available on the day.  Please make your venue aware if you would like to use their cake stand.

If for any reason you are not happy with your wedding cake, we require to be notified no less than 48 hours following your wedding. Photographs showing the condition of the cake will be required.

Please note that whilst refunds can be made, compensation will not exceed the original total paid for the cake.

Deposit & Deposit Refunds

We will require a minimum £10 deposit to secure all orders, however this can be subject to change depending on the circumstances, requirements or 'Type' of the order(s), such as:

  • Wedding cakes* types (please see above 'Wedding Orders' and 'Definitions' at the bottom of the page)
  • Bulk orders** types (please see 'Definitions' at the bottom of the page)

These can require; substantial planning, ingredients, packaging, accessories and stock specifically purchased by Cakes On Point for the order, this will also include: cake boxes, cupcake boxes, stands, toppers, materials, decorations and other items purchased for a specific design.

Any deposit(s) paid towards orders (excluding Wedding Cakes*and Bulk Orders**) can be refunded up until 72 hours before the product(s) is due to be delivered.  However it will be at our discretion if we do wish to provide any refund within the 72 hours before expected collection/delivery, the decision to refund within 72 hours will be made depending on resources used and/or any purchases made in preparation for the order(s).

Any deposits paid towards Wedding Cakes* and/or Bulk Orders**are non-refundable.  However it will be at our discretion if we do wish provide any refund depending on resources used and/or any purchases made in preparation for the order(s).  Please note that these particular types of orders do require a substantial amount of preparation in terms of time and items/ingredients to be ordered in advance, therefore we strongly advise to ensure a refund is requested at least 3 months before the agreed delivery/collection date.

Again please note that whilst refunds can be made, compensation will not exceed the original total paid for cakes

Returns & Complaints 

We do not accept returns if Cakes On Point has fulfilled the stated order requirements before delivery/collection of the product.

If for any reason you are unhappy with one of our products, or wish to make a complaint - we require to be notified within 24 hours via phone call or email.

If you believe a cake to be damaged are unhappy with any aspect of the cake this must be stated upon review of the finished product(s) when collected/delivered.  Once the product has been accepted by the customer we no longer take responsibility for any damage made to the product(s).

If you have a complaint in regards to the interior of the product, we may require photographs showing the condition so we can investigate further.  If you are unable to provide these - we are unable to take any further action.

Again please note that whilst refunds can be made, compensation will not exceed the original total paid for cakes.


We may retain basic personal information (name, address and contact number etc) that has been provided by the customer for invoicing and possible Cakes On Point promotional purposes, however we will not share these details with any third party.  Please be assured that we will NEVER retain any full payment or bank details.

These are our terms and conditions, by ordering from us you accept these terms.

Thank you.

​Cakes On Point


Wedding Cakes* - Cake(s) specifically required for a wedding / civil / religious / non religious / interfaith /non denominational ceremony.

Bulk Orders** - Anything that requires large quantities of stock to be purchased for that specific order(s), for example; multiple boxes (cake boxes, cupcake boxes, packaging) and ingredients.  Typically this would be an order over £100 consisting of two or more products/baked items.  This will also include adding onto your current order before your first delivery/collection is made.

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